Let's face it House Hunting is not for the faint of heart
A house is your biggest investment

You have a lot at stake financially and emotionally

And purchasing a house can be fraught with problems and regrets...

On a sunny day those gorgeous floor to ceiling windows turn the home into a sauna
You thought that the megachurch 2 blocks away wasn’t going to be a problem but every Sunday hundreds of cars are vying for a parking spot in front of your house
You now realize the layout of your new home is not as functional as you thought
You bought an absolute stunning house, unfortunately it is an area riddled with crime
The house two doors down is known by local high school students as party central
After seeing a comparable house selling for considerably less than what you paid, you lay awake each night believing you paid way too much for your house

Let ACE House Hunter organize your hunt and empower you to make more informed decisions:

Define What You Want

Part of the successful house hunting process is defining what you want, and equally important what you don’t want in your next house.

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Document Houses That You've Seen

A three step plan: record the house's pluses and minuses, perform a 22 point assessment, review 12 additional considerations. Then compare the house to your Must Haves, Nice to Have, and Do not Want.

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Rate Each House

Give each house a rating from 1 to 5 stars.

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Shortlist Houses That Make The Cut

Create a shortlist of houses that you want to investigate further or make an offer on!

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Private And Secure

Keep your valuable ideas, thoughts and house details organized in one place with ACE House Hunter. It's private and secure, not like a notebook that you might lose. With Internet access you have the convenience of accessing and updating ACE House Hunter anywhere, anytime.

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  • No risk. No obligations.
  • After 14 days, if ACE House Hunter is not your bag, just walk away.